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20 Nov. 2017
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As some of you may know, I chose to celebrate my 28th birthday by spending 6 days in Vegas with my family, and then taking the following week to spend the week at home in Miami. I was eternally grateful that work granted me these two weeks off (I really needed them and I had been planning this for an entire year). I had the absolute best time in Vegas and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday two weeks! November has probably been the best month for me (more on that later).

Las Vegas!

We arrived on Wednesday, November 1st around 9 PM because our flight out of Miami kept getting delayed. It was quite annoying, but once we left I was ready for the time of my life. My mother on the other hand did not have a good flight. She absolutely hated the five hour flight and could not stop moving. It was driving me crazy, but I mostly ignore her so it wasn’t that bad. Once we landed, got our luggage, and hoped in the taxi we all forgot about that flight and were ready to party. Literally.

We arrived at the hotel, The Palazzo, and checked in. Our suite was a suite suite. Like our bathroom was the size of my bedroom here in Orlando and it had a TV in it. Then we walked in and we had two large queen beds, another TV, night stand, dresser, closet, whatever…then you keep walking and it’s a pull out QUEEN bed with ANOTHER TV a dining table and a desk. My dad took over that area (until my sister got there of course). It was massive and our view was of the strip. So beautiful, they kept the shades open every night against my wishes.

That first night we just walked around checking out the hotel, the casino, the food. We ate at Sushi Samba which was right by the elevators by the fabulous shopping the hotel had. It was great. I was in heaven, my mom was completely overwhelmed, and my dad was just going with the flow. That’s when my mom and I first spotted the Rolling Stones tongue! (there were so many, I tried to take pictures with all of them!) Here are the three I took a picture with:

We were able to meet up with my half brother and his wife, who happens to be my best friend (I knew her before him, so she’s mine not his). He was dumb enough to bet against the Miami Hurricanes on a game they were favored to win – let’s just say he didn’t have a good night at the casinos either that day…but she did! HA. Anyway, having them there was also really fun.

Hoover Dam

We decided once we picked my sister up from the airport, that we were going to take a nice trip to the Hoover Dam. It was only 45 minutes to an hour away, and the drive wasn’t bad at all. I had never been so I was extremely excited and I found the drive to be beautiful.


I mean doesn’t this look amazing? And it’s part of our history. I was just in awe, but not as much as the next day when we drove the two and a half hours to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon – Western Rim

When we drove to the Grand Canyon, because I really wanted to spend more time in Vegas too, I asked to only go to the Western Rim so that’s what we did. The views were spectacular. I had never seen anything like it before. I mean, WOW. I was completely taken away by what surrounded me.


I love nature, and this was hands down one of the best parts of our trip. It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t freezing, it was absolutely perfect. We stopped on the way out at the Western Ranch, a mom and pop diner with homemade food and some beers. The last stop of alcohol actually before the reserve. My mom was a happy camper once we found this place, that is for sure. It was fun and we had a nice time chatting with the people. After we were done there, we headed back to Vegas for a great night out at the Casinos and dinner.

Back to Vegas

It’s Britney Bitch

Friday night was MY big night. It was the one thing I request that we MUST do. Britney Spears Piece of Me. I am a huge, and I do mean HUGE, Britney fanatic. Ever since I was 10. I have seen every concert she has performed when it has come to Miami and now her residency before it ends. I. Do. Not. Play. When, It. Comes. To. Britney.

I am absolutely obsessed and this was no different. My sister had this genius idea that we get wigs, so after we ate in and out (because we were on the West coast and that is a must do), we drove around and located a party city that had a wall of wigs. She got the black, my mom got the pink, and I got the white. I was so excited. Yeah right, those two chickened out on me before we left the room so what did I do? I rocked my damn wig loud and proud. It’s Vegas baby.

So we got to Planet Hollywood, bought some drinks, put my dad somewhere we could find him (he just wanted slots and a cigar – easy), and off we went to Britney. I of course had to get souvenirs. Some little things over here, sweatshirt for me over there, cups from my drinks came home with me. I definitely was a happy camper. And on to the show we went. It was freaking AMAZING. I might be biased, I mean I do love Britney, but even my MOM loved it. She did not sit down once. She was dancing with my sister and I the entire night even though we all knew our boots were killing us.

Me, Mom, Alexa in our wigs before they chickened out

Me and Alexa (before she wigged out 😉 )

My final look

They chickened out. In our seats, waiting for the show to start

You better work, bitch


Casinos in Vegas

The rest of our time in Vegas we spent eating and hanging out in the Casinos. We went hotel hopping during the day, changing casinos and having drinks. My sister was extremely excited. It was her first time in Vegas, and she had just turned 21 the month before. We even got her her first yard and then the day we went shopping and the Fashion Mall and the Forum at Cesar’s Palace I bought her a half yard so that we can drink and shop at our leisure.

It was a really fun week, and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift from my parents. I know they spent a lot of time and money planning this out for me and I appreciate them and it so very much. I had the ultimate time of my life and I wouldn’t change a single second of that week. Even spending the week at home. I was home, I was able to spend time with my grandmother, my pups, and even sleep in towards the end of my vacation. It was the first time in four years I was home to cut a cake with my family and I loved it. Next year I am sure they will come to Orlando and we’ll do Food and Wine again, since that is what they all really want to do. So it was nice to have a change for once on my birthday.