Travel Diaries – Up Next: Colorado!

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13 Jun. 2017
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On this Travel Diaries post, I will be talking about my trip to Colorado in just a few weeks. I have been to Colorado before, but never in the summer which makes this even cooler. I’ll be going for a family friends wedding at the top of the mountain in Vail, but I am planning on making it a vacation while I’m there.

The location

We will be staying at the Evergreen Lodge in Vail, Colorado for a week. The rooms are big and look beautiful, they have a nice lounge area and a beautiful pool. Their bar is supposedly rated the best in Vail.

The Activities

While we are there, my aunt and I plan to do some fun activities. Those include white-water rafting, a hike up the mountain, zip lining, and a coaster on the mountain.

This is the view you see hiking up the mountain. I love walking, and I always see friends on Instagram hiking up beautiful mountains so I’m really excited to have this opportunity.

This is what the coaster on the mountain looks like. I absolutely love, LOVE, love rollercoasters and the idea of doing one at the top of a mountain is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. It’s called an “alpine coaster” which is basically a rollercoaster, wall climbing, and a bungee trampoline.

WHITE WATER RAFTING! I’ve done this before in North Carolina, but it’s nothing like these. This white water rafting trip can have class IV-V rapids! SO exciting.

I was also told that there is a concert series in Vail that is worth watching. It’s called Bravo! Vail. I’ll definitely be checking that out.

Of course you have the 4th of July fireworks to look forward to! Since my trip overlaps with the 4th of July, I get to see fireworks shot off while standing at the top of a mountain. Imagine the view! I can’t wait. I’m definitely taking my camera, my polaroid camera, and my iPhone.

What to PACK?

This is the next big question. Stay tuned to a post about my new suitcase and what I’ll be packing for my adventure filled vacation!