Spring has Sprung

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23 Mar. 2017
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It’s here! It’s here! Spring is here!

Spring has officially sprung, although in different parts of the country it doesn’t seem to look that way. Here in Florida it’s finally warming up enough that I don’t need to keep digging my sweaters out for these random cold fronts. As hot as it gets in Florida, there is nothing like going from cold fronts to warm, Summer ready weather. We don’t necessarily have the four seasons, it is either hot for the Summer or randomly cold for the Winter.

This year the cold lasted a little too long for me, so I am ready for that beautiful sunny and warm weather that we will be getting. Of course, change of season means a new wardrobe and that’s exactly what I am extremely excited about. I bought the Spring 2017 FENTYxPuma silk bow sliders (in both olive and pink, just because I didn’t know my size), I have bought some cute Spring/Summer ready shirts and dresses from Old Navy, and just last night I bought chambray sneakers with emoji’s on top. Spring cleaning has begun in my closet with me taking out the old, worn out clothes I no longer wear and making room for the new, colorful, lightweight, and Spring/Summer ready clothes I am buying or have and haven’t worn.

Here are some pictures of what I’ve bought already:

Bow Sliders | FENTYxPuma by Rihanna

(photo c/o StyleBop)

  • FENTYxPuma Silk Bow Sliders – these are the pink sliders for the Spring 2017 collection from Rihanna’s FENTYxPuma line. They came in olive and pink and only in half sizes (which is why I ordered one in each color, I don’t know my size!) and have since sold out.

Main Image - BP. 'Twiny' Slip-On Sneaker (Women)

(photo c/o Nordstrom)

  • These are the BP by Nordstrom Chambray fabric sneakers I ordered last night, with the cute emoji’s on top. They’re slide on which is perfect for a casual Spring/Summer type of day where it’s hot and sunny. I can even wear them around the theme parks when I go play with my friends and family.

product photoproduct photo

(photo c/o Old Navy)

  • Old Navy Cutwork Swing top – I bought this shirt in both blue and white and I absolutely love them. They are super light and the eyelet detail really make the shirts stand out and beautiful. I can’t wait to wear them with my new chambray sneakers!

product photo

(photo c/o Old Navy)

  • Old Navy Jersey Swing Dress – I love jersey swing dresses. I have some at home and I wear them to work or out with sneakers or ballet flats. I even wear them to run errands. It all depends on my mood. This is a must have for Spring. They’re so easy to wear that it makes it that much easier to decide to wear the dress!

Here are some things I have my eye on for my Spring shopping list:

Image 2 of STRAPPY TOP WITH BOW from Zara

(photo c/o Zara)

  • This is definitely on my shopping list. I absolutely love this top from Zara, the asymmetrical shape is just beautiful. I think that the bows add a feminine touch and you can’t go wrong with it.


(photo c/o Zara)

  • This bodysuit is part of Zara’s festival collection. I have a love hate relationship with bodysuits because I tend to feel insecure in them, but I have two at home from Zara that I love so I definitely will be trying this one out.

Image 1 of DENIM MINI SKIRT from Zara

(photo c/o Zara)

  • This entire look is amazing. I die for the top and since denim mini skirts are back in style, I definitely have been looking for one that I like. The top can be purchased here and the skirt here.

Image 1 of BELT BAG WITH PULL TAB from Zara

(photo c/o Zara)

  • Okay, so fanny packs have been in style for a couple of seasons and I just never found one I thought I could see myself wearing one. Well leave it to Zara to have one in their festival collection that I actually think is cute! I’ll definitely be catching this bag up the next time I’m over at Disney Springs shopping at Zara.

Image 1 of FABRIC SLIDES from Zara

(photo c/o Zara)

  • As I told you before I purchased the FENTYxPuma slides, it’s my first attempt into this whole “slides” style but I can really see myself wearing these slides as well. They’re different and they’re bold. That’s something I am trying to become. Daring in my fashion choices and less boring. This is something I can definitely see myself testing out.

With the new season blooming, these new trends are definitely new for me. I feel like it’s time to break out of my shell if it means I try new things. I’m looking forward to expanding my closet and trying new things.

Is there a specific trend you feel I should explore?