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09 Aug. 2017
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I don’t necessarily need to buy a “back to school” wardrobe, but since I’ve always loved the back to school shopping I figured I could use a few new things. For me, back to school has always been about feeling comfortable and getting things I know that I will wear more than one time. Comfort is key, which is why I like to buy a lot of cute tops and jeans that I can mix and match. I’m also big on casual dresses lately and I’m digging the oversized jacket trend that has been going around. I’ve put together a list of things I would buy if I was going back to school (which I’m probably still going to buy!).

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Back to School Shopping

Floral Top

I’ve never been into the floral trend, but there is something about this shirt that makes me love it. It’s so cute, simple, yet chic. This top is easy to wear and I can even dress it up for work.

Embroidered Jeans

Embroidered jeans have been making a mark lately, and this pair definitely stand out. I have a huge obsession with wearing ripped jeans, and this pair doesn’t disappoint. I love that they’re ripped, embroidered, and skinny leg.

Ruffled Top

I’m huge on ruffles, as I write this I am in a ruffled sleeveless top! I love pink, I love pinstripe, peter pan collar, and ruffles! This is a top I’d wear to work or out doing errands, hanging with my friends, possibly even playing at a park at Disney!

Patches Frayed Jacket

I have an oversize jacket with Toy Story on the back, but there is something about this oversized jacket that I love. It feels so cool and different, I can definitely pull this off with leggings or ripped denim. This is an absolute yes on my shopping list.

Open Back Top

Again with the pink, what can I say I’m a pink kind of girl? I love the open back style mixed with the flowy arms. This would be cute for a night out with my girlfriends. I can even see myself styling it like the picture with a cute pair of denim shorts.

A-Line Denim Skirt

I used to love wearing mini skirts when I was in high school and I love that they’re back in the fashion game. A-line skirts have always been flattering on my body so this is a perfect skirt for me.

Striped V Neckline Flute Sleeve Blouse

This shirt reminds me of the pink one, I mean with the pinstripes and loose arms it’s very similar. This just doesn’t have an open back. I can see myself wearing this to work, or styling it with leggings, possibly even some ripped jeans.

Off Shoulder Striped Fringe Drawstring Waist Romper

I really love this off the shoulder romper. I think it looks incredibly comfortable and most of all it is super cute.

Camel Draped Collar Wrap Coat

This look entirely is so me. I love ripped jeans, I love sneakers (especially my white ones) and I love the duster coat with a white tee. This is something I would definitely wear and that wrap coat is a must have for me.

Badge Denim Jacket

This is another cute oversized jacket that I would get. The patchwork makes it really stand out and it’s not like anything I’ve ever bought before. I’d consider this to be a backup to the one I posted earlier.

The websites I used to shop these outfits, SheIn and RomWe, are two of my favorite sites for online shopping. They have great sales and the prices are hard to beat.

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