New York Packing List

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03 May. 2017
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New York, Here I Come

In two days I will be off to New York and being the procrastinator I am, I have not started to pack. This weekend’s forecast will be rainy on Friday/Saturday with the temperature in the 50/60’s throughout the weekend.

A few notes to start with:

  1. I was born and raised in Florida, anything below 70 degrees is cold for me.
  2. I always pack more than I should because I change my mind so frequently about what I want to wear on a given day.

Packing List

  • First and foremost, I always pack my pajamas. I have an obsession with cute pajamas so I have a drawer full of them to pick from. I am super into wearing my button down shirt and pajama shorts so I have a feeling that is what I will be packing this weekend. It helps that they are broken in from having washed them so many times already. The one I’ll be packing is this one. Another option, which I also have, is this one. Some other options are this one, this one (I also have this set), and this one.
  • I love to wear leggings. When the weather is cool the way it will be when I’m in New York is the best time to wear leggings. I am a huge Lululemon fan and own an obscene amount of their leggings, some that I will be taking are this one and this one. I also recently received a pair from a new brand called Girlfriend Collective, here is a review from Who What Wear about their new leggings (they do fit pretty fabulously).
  • I have three oversized  sweatshirts from Zara that I am obsessed with. Those will definitely be packed because they are so comfortable it feels like you’re in pajamas the entire time. Here is a similar version to what I have in pink, black, and off white.
  • Of course, I need to take some long sleeve shirts. I’ll probably get some simple long sleeved t-shirts at Uniqlo or Target, maybe Zara has.
  • Light weight jackets. I have picked out four jackets I might choose from for this weekend. I am definitely taking my oversized Toy Story jean jacket from Forever 21. Then I am trying to decide between taking my leather jacket, my Tory Burch short trench coat, or my Who What Wear satin bomber jacket. Decisions, Decisions.

Image result for forever 21 toy story oversized jean jacketSimilar embroidered jackets here, here, and here.

Missing Anything?

You obviously can’t forget your phone charger. I’ll also be taking my laptop to finish a final while I’m there so I need my laptop and charger. Since I have an Apple Watch, I need to take that charger and the charger for my BeatsX headphones. Of course the usual undergarments and socks must be included. And you can’t forget any last minute details like sunglasses, a book, magazine, or iPad.

Overall, I’m really excited about my trip. There’s just something about the concrete jungle that does it for me. If I could live there, I would. Hands down.