Henri Bendel: Must Have Handbags & Wish List

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09 Oct. 2017
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Henri Bendel

Over the years I have become a huge Henri Bendel fan. It all started about five years ago when my older sister came home with the black nylon Jetsetter Convertible Backpack. I instantly fell in love and I knew that one day I needed to get myself that bag, eventually I did…and then some.

In this post, I will be showing you the must have bags I own from Henri Bendel and what I currently have on my ever growing wish list! They are constantly adding new bags to their collections, that I feel like I can never catch up, but I do strive to get what I like when I can afford it and when I really want it. Henri Bendel has become my go-to brand and I absolutely love it.

My Current Handbag and Accessory Collection


Starting from the first picture:

  • Rivington Convertible Tote in Safari
  • West 57 School Bag in Baby Blue with Flower detail
  • Rivington Mini Convertible in Denim
  • Waldorf Micro Party Bag in Red

Center picture:

  • South Street Carry All in Desert Palm
  • Jetsetter Convertible Canvas Backpack
  • Uptown Out & About Organizer Wallet in Ferro
  • West 57 Pill Box in Desert Palm
  • West 57 Single Snap Wallet in Black

Last picture:

  • Jetsetter Soft Tote in Black
  • Centennial Stripe Business Card Case

Now, these are just the handbags and accessories I use/carry on a daily basis. I also have three pairs of sunglasses but that’s being left for a different type of post.

My Thoughts on these Handbags and Accessories

I could tell you I have favorites, but then I could tell you those favorites change depending on the situation which I need the bag for. Right now the Rivington Convertible’s are my two favorite bags to use. Why? Because they are extremely convenient. I love that you can unattach the front and use that as a clutch or cross body. I have been using the larger Rivington as an everyday bag for work, where as I used the mini Rivington as a weekend bag when I was down in Miami and it was extremely useful – I didn’t carry a lot of the crap I normally do, I kept it to minimal stuff I would need, and it still fit everything I needed and then some.

Another favorite of mine is the South Street Carry All. This is AMAZING for travel. It fits absolutely EVERYTHING. Another bag I take with me while traveling is the Jetsetter Canvas Backpack. I use the Carry All as my personal belonging carry on item, and I pack the backpack for everyday use. I know I’ll be taking both with me to Vegas, and I might toss in the Waldorf Micro Party Bag for when we go out on the town. The Uptown Out & About Organizer wallet is my traveling go-to wallet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend trip to Miami, or something like Vegas. It’s so convenient and it has space for everything you need. Definitely a traveling must have.

Honestly I love all my Henri Bendel stuff. I use them for different things. I can keep going on forever, but instead let’s move onto my current wish list!

Wish List

First and foremost on my list is the new Dakota Studded Tote in Gunmetal/Hematite:

Next up is the West 57 Mini Trunk Clutch in Black with Gold detailing:

*side note* this can also be used as a cross body

The West 57th Trunk Crossbody Hobo in Port:

*I am not a huge fan of Hobo bags, but I absolutely love this one and I would wear it to travel or to explore even my own hometown!*

The Large Striped Canvas Tote Bundle with the Medium and Small Cosmetic Clutches:

This is it, so far, as it comes to my wish list. Henri Bendel adds new additions weekly, if not biweekly, and as they do my list will continue to grow. Is there anything I mentioned that you like? Didn’t like? Was there something else from Henri Bendel that you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!