Gift Guide for Her: 10 Finds Under $50

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30 Nov. 2017
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It’s that time of the year again, Christmas time! The time that calls for family get together’s, Secret Santa’s, gift giving, and of course parties! I figured, it would be a great idea to post a gift guide for your girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt, cousin – you name it, she’ll love it. I love buying gifts for my family and friends. It’s always so fun!

Gift Guide for Her: 10 Finds Under $50

1. Rose All Day 14.3 oz Candle

Henri Bendel


*also comes in scents like Linen, Lovely Lavender, Peppermint, Green Tea, and Seaside*

I love candles. For me, the best gift you can give me is a candle. I have an endless supply and yet, I still find myself buying candles. I just can’t resist them. I find it to be a cozy, yet wonderful gift to give someone. I especially love to put them out in my living room so the aroma can take over the smell of the apartment. Since I have a one bedroom, a big one like this is absolutely perfect for my tiny space.

2. Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette



I am a huge makeup addict, however I don’t foray into the world of eye shadows often. There is just something about this palette that really sticks out to me. It’s the perfect blend of neutral and smokey for a day to night look. This is something I would definitely play around with and watch YouTube tutorials until I nailed down a good look.

3. Baublebar Eve Beaded Drop Earrings



I have always been a studs girl. I haven’t liked hoops, like ever. But this year something changed in me. I started liking ear drop earrings. My first pair being the J.Crew Star ear drop earrings I wore over Thanksgiving. You can see those on my Instagram. I fell in absolute love with them. These Baublebar earrings scream glitz and glamour to me. I can totally see myself wearing these, especially for something fun. They even have tassel earrings around this price range if that is something you are looking for.


Henri Bendel


I love key chains and bag charms. Before they were called bag charms, I rocked key chains on my bags. Now my older sister has me obsessed with buying actual bag charms and no purse is safe. I am a huge monogram freak, or initial freak I should say, so I rock my initial loud and proud. Tassels and Elephants, are a close second. This Henri Bendel one is on my list. I love, LOVE, love it.

5. DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo & On the Rocks Kit



Anyone who reads this blog knows that DryBar and I are BFFs. I actually just got my mom the DryBar Fully Loaded set with the Brush Bundle for Christmas and my little sister and I are splitting it. I’m going to convert her into a DryBar fanatic like me. Their products are just so worth it. I used to use the Sake Bomb shampoo, until the On the Rocks shampoo and conditioner came out and since then I have been converted. This shampoo is so cleansing and it feels so good on my hair that I just can’t go back. My hair looks clean and healthy and those are two things I can’t complain about. And I don’t have to tell you about how great their Detox: Dry Shampoo is do I? It’s one of those dry shampoos where it feels so light weight going on that it doesn’t make your hair feel dirtier after. I’ve tried some dry shampoos that made me feel like I needed a shower right then and there and DryBar isn’t one of them (kind of defeats the purpose of it, don’t you think?).

6. Monogram Pendant Necklace



Lately I have been really into gold jewelry.  It’s my thing now and this monogram pendant is a big yes for me, of course. I love the oversized look of it. I think it would be a great gift, especially for a girlfriend. And who can go wrong at Anthropologie? That store is a gold mine!

7. SLIP Silk eye mask



Now this is more for me, but who doesn’t love the idea of a silk eye mask? I love the idea of a silk eye mask and I love that it is pink. Millennial pink, of course. Being a Millennial I most definitely approve of the color and the item, and this could be something I gift a girlfriend, one of my sisters, or even my mom or aunt. I can just see myself flying home with this bad boy on and completely zoning out for the entire 45 minute flight.

8. H&M Woven Scarf



I am mad about plaid. I have bought three scarves in a span of a weekend all in different plaid patterns. Yes I have a problem, especially with scarves in general – not just plaid. I absolutely love wearing scarves. I don’t care if it’s 70 degrees out (since that’s considered “cool” weather in Florida). This year it’s all about plaid, oh and some camouflage too. I just can’t get over the two. This plaid is cute and a great gift for someone on your list.

9. If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine socks



THIS. Oh My God. These are perfect. The ultimate stocking stuffer. I am TOTALLY buying these for some people on my list. I MEAN COME ON, how amazing is this! I’ll be lucky if they don’t sell out by tomorrow!

10. Hot Lips Mini Celebrity Lipstick Charms



This was a must have on MY Christmas Wish list. I love Charlotte Tilbury and I love nude shades of lipstick. The mix between the two, and they’re mini’s, I just had to add them to the list. The colors are gorgeous and would look great on any skin tone. Plus I’ve been waiting for the KKW lip shade to come back in stock for a whiiiile now, and if this is how I get it then so be it!