Favorite Childhood Book

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18 Jul. 2017
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Growing up reading was not my thing. I actually had to take a test to make sure that I didn't have challenges reading because my parents were so concerned. Of course I passed the test, but they told my parents that what they needed to do was read more books. That I just wasn't interested in reading and they needed to help me find a genre or author I could relate stories too.

That's where Where the Wild Things Are came in. My aunt introduced me to that book when I was 7 and it has been my favorite childhood book ever since. I think I've read it over a hundred times and at one point I believe there was a movie created about the book. I saw that too!

After reading that, my interest in reading started to slowly peak. I started reading more and developed a passion for it. Reading is a stress reliever for me now and I don't think that would have been possible if it wasn't for Where the Wild Things Are.