Dogsters Ice Cream Style!

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10 Oct. 2017
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My Dogs LOVE Dogsters!

Have you ever heard of Dogsters Ice Cream? I was introduced to Dogsters Ice Cream when I was at the BlogHer’17 Conference this past April. I partnered with J&J Snack Food Corp to let my two dogs, Minnie and MIlo, try Dogsters Ice Cream. I purchased the Dogsters Treats for Dogs, Ice Cream Style, Nutly Peanut Butter and Cheese Flavor for Minnie and Milo and let me just tell you, they LOVED it. The Dogsters Ice Cream Style box comes with four cups of ice cream and I can honestly tell you those four cups did not last very long in my apartment…Milo devoured his first cup almost instantaneously. Minnie was more civilized in eating hers (lol). If you’re curious as to what a box looks like, this is the one I purchased below.

Publix describes Dogsters Ice Cream Style as: “Veterinarian recommended. Dog approved. Dogsters salutes all the people that celebrate their pets and the countless volunteers who joyfully help in the care and well-being of animals. The inspiration behind Dogsters are the volunteers who know that one person can make a difference, and the people who embrace life’s everyday challenges.” Dogsters Ice Cream is intended to be a snack, not to be fed as a meal or meal replacement. It is low fat and has no artificial flavors. It is proudly made in USA.

I found the Dogsters Ice Cream Style in the Novelties section of the Frozen food section of Publix. There was also a second flavor: Dogsters Treats for Dogs, Ice Cream Style, Minte Kissably Fresh Flavor (I will be purchasing this flavor next to try out, I wanted to start with something they would be accustomed to at first.

Minnie and Milo Eating their Dogster Ice Cream

Here is the first picture I took of Minnie and Milo eating their Dogsters Ice Cream for the first time. I had just bought it home from Publix and was anxiously awaiting their reaction. Of course Milo absolutely loved it and Minnie ate hers slowly, but surely. She’s more of a classy eater. This is our newest snack that we have added to our treats in the house for them and they love it. It’s a great treat, especially after a long walk in the Florida heat.

What do you think of Dogsters Ice Cream? Will you be checking it out? I can honestly tell you my dogs loved it and will definitely be having more of it!