I Love Me Some Scents

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01 Jul. 2017
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Let me tell you a little story.

I am obsessed with anything scent related. Candles. Plug ins. Diffusers. Room sprays. You name it I probably own it. I have been a big fan of Bath & Body Works Wallflowers and Blue Volcano candles for years. I can’t lie, I still love them but I have found something better and I did that while exploring the #BlogHer17 Expo Hall.

Today I want to tell you about a brand I was introduced to and never want to let go: Scent Fill. While I was roaming the expo hall, I discovered this table with what looked like plugin refills and I got so excited. Again, I love anything scented so this felt like a calling. I approached them, learned more about their product and happily picked out a sample. When I got home that night the first thing I did was plug it into my wall and that’s where everything changed.

I plugged in my brand new plug in and went to bed, the next morning I felt like I woke up somewhere else. Literally. I was completely thrown off guard. My room and apartment smelled so delicious. I had picked out the relax blend so of course you could imagine my one bedroom apartment smelled SO RELAXING. I was extremely blown away. Most plug ins take a while to really set in, I never expected it to set so quickly and have such a strong and relaxing scent. I was so excited that I ran back to the Scent Fill table the first chance I got and let them know I was a huge fan and I was going to write about them and my experience. I was officially converted.

And here we are today! I’m going to tell you a little about Scent Fill and who they are, what products they bring to the table, and why I think you’d like them. I’ve already bragged to all my family and friends and it’s expected of them to participate (*cough, cough*). So here we go!

About Scent Fill

Scent Fill is an independently owned small business operating in Oldsmar, FL. They are the only plug in refill made in the United States of America. Scent Fill refills are universal and fit most name-brand oil warmers from Glade, Air Wick, and Renuzit (single wick). Each refill will last weeks of continual fragrance. Unfortunately, the Scent Fill refills do not work with Bath & Body Works Wallflower or Scent Plugs, but they are compatible Air Wick scented oil warmers and are available on the Scent Fill website.

Scent Fill offers three “tiers” of oils:

o   Familiar Classic – modeled after bestselling scents already on market. Natural essential oils for these types of scents are between 3-9%. Still significantly more natural content than the store bought refills that need only 0.1% to claim they contain “natural essential oils.”

o   Essential Oil – contain at least two natural essential oils and range gently between 9 and 40% natural content.

o   100% Natural Oils – this category is all natural.

I personally chose from the essential oil scents. As I mentioned before, the sample I took home was called the Relax Blend Plug In Refill (with Lemon, Lavender, & Eucalyptus). Another sample I smelled and loved (and will be placing an order of as soon as I’m done writing this post) is the 100% Natural Lavender Plug in Refill.

Their website had a variety of scents for you to choose from and better yet, they have free returns. If you don’t like the scent you purchased, you can send it back in exchange for another scent you feel would be a better fit.

So why Scent Fill over Glades or Air Wick? Personally, I always tend to lean towards a clean linen scent or lavender in every plug in I purchase – whether it’s Glades or Air Wick – however I never feel as though they leave enough of an impression for someone to walk in and ask immediately what it is they smell. Glades and Air Wick have great products, don’t get me wrong but with both those options you don’t get the 100% natural oil option. You’re always promised somewhat of the natural oil when in fact it’s only 0.01% of natural oil and the rest is chemicals. Scent Fill isn’t like that. The 100% naturals are exactly that, the essential oils have a stronger percentage of natural oil than the Glade or Air Wick options, and if you want to stick to what you know then Scent Fill has those too.

I think it’s worth a try and thanks to Scent Fill, I am able to offer my readers a discount code to purchase Scent Fill products. If you go here and use the code HERBLOG now through July 31, you will receive 10% off orders $10 and more. It may be used one per email and one per customer.